Using the Cinema 4D Render Farm

Setting up your file in C4d

  • Open the render settings
  • Output:
  • Set up your frame size
  • aspect ratio and
  • frame range you will be rendering
  • Save:
  • When sending to the Render Farm - uncheck this Save option
  • ad do not include a directory for the File field
  • Set up the file format for your render: PNG
  • Do not render movies from the Render Farm
  • Image sequences are much better and safer
  • Name format
  • Check Alpha Channel if you need an alpha channel rendered
  • Set up all other items for your render
  • Antialiasing, Physical, GI, AO etc

Rendering Single Images from multiple cameras in one Render Farm Job

  • Use the Stage Object to set up a frame or each camera to render
  • Create> Environment> Stage
  • Drag first camera into Camera field
  • Click the radial button to set a keyframe for the first frame of your scene
  • Move to the next frame
  • Drag second camera into Camera field
  • Overwrite the prior camera in the field
  • Click the radial button to set a keyframe for the first frame of your scene
  • Continue for however many cameras you have
  • When you go to render make sure you set up the Frame Range - Manual
  • to correspond to the number of frames you are using for Cameras
  • Save your scene

Server Location

Click on Jobs at the top menu

To access the Render Farm off Campus

To Create a Render Job

  • Click +Add Job
  • Name your Job
  • Always start with your name and the shot you will be rendering
  • For example: DPejril_renderTest1

Add C4d file for the Job (no textures)

  • Click the Assets Tab
  • Click +Add Files...
  • Navigate to your C4d scene file on your computer
  • When C4d file is added then click Upload
  • Your file will be uploaded to the renderFarm

Begin the Render

  • Click Blue Start button
  • The render status will update on the Left side
  • Preparing...
  • In Progress (with a % finished)
  • Status will read: Complete, when done rendering

Review your render

  • In the Results tab
  • Click on the Image Icon to the Left of your render to View
  • Navigate using the arrows to go through multiple frames
  • Click the X to get out

Render Time

  • Notice when your render has completed, it will give the time the render took
  • First item in the Job Details

Retrieving your render (Single Frame)

  • Click on the Results Tab
  • For a Single Frame
  • Click on the Blue Download button to the Right of the Rendered Image
  • Set the directory you would like to save your file

Delete a Job

  • When you have retrieved your Render, please immediately delete the Job from the Queue
  • This way we can keep thing clean
  • Jobs left in the queue will be deleted
  • Select your Job
  • Click the Red X Delete button at the upper Right

Add C4d File and Textures

  • Click the Assets Tab
  • Add your C4d file
  • Add Textures from tex folder
  • Click +Add Files...
  • Select all of the textures from the tex folder
  • Click the white Upload All button
  • When complete.... start the render

Retrieving an Animation Render (Image Sequence)

  • Set up your Job and render
  • When complete, the Results tab will show all of your renders
  • Click the Blue Prepare *.ZIP button to create a Zip file of all of the renders
  • When complete, the Zip file will be the top item in the file list
  • Click the Blue Download button to save to your computer